Top 10 Best Low Code Development Platforms in 2021

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What is Low Code Development?

Why Should Enterprises Choose Low Code Over Traditional Development?

What are Low Code Development Platforms?

10 Best Low Code Development Platforms for Citizen Developers


Find out more about Gramex Low Code Platform for Data & AI Apps
  • 200+ Pre-built components with 15 connectors, 25 processors, 40 visuals, and over 70 libraries.
  • UI-driven configuration that requires no coding background and is suitable for citizen developers.
  • Generates business insights in real-time
  • Integrated Development Environment (IDE) to provide a simple interface to configure and add microservices and REST APIs to your application.
  • Capable of building data and AI/ML applications with a significantly lesser go-to-market time.
  • The community edition is available for free.
  • The Lite edition would cost you $ 3,999 / app with an unlimited number of users, IDE to build applications, and shared support.
  • The community edition would cost you $ 8,999 and is best for teams building 2+ apps.


  • Customized IDE for every developer.
  • Only low code platform with a built-in React Native framework.
  • Use pre-defined templates simply by dragging and dropping them in your app design.
  • Use APIs or pre-built connectors to extend solutions built on Mendix.
  • Enhance user experience with an Atlas UI Framework to build a flawless design.
  • You can avail of a free trial and use the Community Edition for free
  • Single App Edition starts at $1,875 per month
  • Pro Edition starts at $5,375 per month
  • Enterprise Edition starts at $7,825 per month


  • Easy to configure APIs and Faster integration than ever.
  • Customizable templates as per your choice.
  • Use predefined interfaces to develop beautiful and smooth applications.
  • Free 30-Day Trial Period
  • Application Edition at $75 per month
  • Enterprise Edition for $150 per month


  • Generate custom reports and acquire profitable insights.
  • Get a printable or digital trail of steps in the process.
  • Create and modify workflow visually.

Microsoft PowerApps

  • Code plug-ins for advanced business logic in the common data service
  • Power query tools and data integrator to bring data in CDS
  • Data gateway to integrate with services running on-premise
  • Free Trial available.
  • Business Users — $7 per month
  • App Makers and Admins — $40 per month

Pega Systems

  • Automatic Generation of application code
  • Enterprise-level scalability
  • Standards-based User Interface
  • Free Trials Available
  • Contact the vendor for a quote based on your unique requirements.

Salesforce Lightning

  • Salesforce lightning low code helps you create apps faster than any other platform.
  • Modify sections as per your choice. You don’t have to visit IT every time you want to change something on the website.
  • Use the skills of your developers to their full potential. Drive value from your IT department.

Zoho Creator

  • Online inventory and order management
  • Effortless Expense reporting
  • One time and recurring online payments solution
  • Free Trial
  • Basic Plan — $10 per user per month
  • Premium Plan — $20 per user per month
  • Ultimate Plan — $30 per user per month


  • Real-time reporting full access control and permission management
  • Complete scalable through APIs
  • Native support for quick Development
  • Complete DevOps automation
  • Quick mobile app deployment and monitoring
  • Free Trial and Free Plan
  • One — Starting at $2,100 per month
  • Enterprise — Starting at $4,600 per month


  • Visual Development — easy-to-use for everyone; it offers UI, data model, and business logic. All changes made can be seen in the Live Preview option.
  • 100% Java Open Source — No more worrying about being locked in by your vendor. Everything is customizable and available for your needs.
  • Web, Desktop, and Mobile Applications — switch between GUI technologies without changing the UI source code.

What Can You Build With Gramex’s Low Code Development Approach

Digital Twins of Business Processes

Try Demo:

Data Storytelling Apps

Try Demo:

Visual Representation of Company Process Data

data application on low code for business process optimization
Try Demo:

AI/ML Applications

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Benefits of Low Code Development Platforms

Less Expensive

Increased Productivity

Better Customer Experience

Frequently Asked Questions on Low Code

  1. What is Low Code?
    Low code is a visual approach to create applications using a graphical user interface rather than traditional coding methods. This is a much more efficient method considering you don’t have to do line-by-line coding and can design your app in the form of flowcharts.
  2. How to learn Low Code?
    Low code doesn’t require any coding experience or knowledge. Almost anyone can learn how to do low coding and use it to create applications.
  3. What is Low Code Automation?
    Low code automation brings together key processes and automates an organization’s various workflows like Robotic Process Automation, Business Process Automation, Case Management, and Artificial Intelligence.
  4. When to use Low Code platforms?
    If you want to improve your digital operations, fill in for the lack of IT skills, or boost efficiency, low code development platforms can help you deal with all of these. It can be used to create the most effective applications that cater to your unique needs at a much lesser cost.
  5. What is Low Code vs Traditional Development?
    Traditional development methods require you to do line-by-line coding, which was inarguably an excellent method to design applications. However, with the increase in demand for more complex app designs and much bigger companies, development through traditional methods won’t bear fruitful results. Whereas, using low code to create apps using a graphical user interface is a much better option now! With tons of predesigned interfaces to drag and drop, you can design and launch basic apps within a few minutes.
  6. What are Low Code and No Code?
    While low code appeals to developers and helps them build applications without the help of too much coding, no code tends to appeal to business users that don’t want to focus on technical aspects but rather improve their user experience.
free ebook on low code development platform
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